LCSD CLASS/Collaboration Project

K-6 & Secondary Model Classroom Teachers Announced!

As part of the implementation pilot for Career Pathways and job embedded Professional Development, we are happy to announce Model Classroom teachers for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year. Any teacher will be able to schedule time for observation and debrief to support professional growth. 

To schedule time, simply click on Model Classroom Observation Request to be linked to a brief survey for us to know which Model Classroom Teacher you are interested in observing and why. This is a great opportunity for us to learn from our colleagues; include as a strategy for meeting personal professional growth goals; and to engage in job-embedded professional development. 

 Congratulations to our Model Classroom Teachers!


Mary Koike:
Experience: 22 years
Current Assignment:  IB Science, Newport High School
Area of Expertise: Science
Observers: Grades 7-12



Marcy Doyle:

Experience: 19 years
Awards: NBCT
Current Assignment:  2nd grade teacher at Sam Case Primary in Newport
Area of Expertise:  All Subjects
Observers: K-6


Patti Forcier:

Experience: 27 years
Current Assignment:  5th grade teacher at NIS
Area of Expertise: Math with Writing, Poster Method- 5 Steps to a Balanced Math Program
Observers: Grades 3-6


Ingrid Olson and Molly Griffo
Experience: 16 years, 1 year
Current Assignment:  1st grade teachers at Crestview Heights
Area of Expertise:  Collaborative Co-Teaching Model
Observers: K-6, those interested in a joint classroom model


Jake Tolan
Experience: 8 years
Current Assignment: 6th grade teacher at Oceanlake Elementary School
Area of Expertise: Math- 5 Steps to a Balanced Math Program
Observers: Grades 3-6



Pedra Weber:
Experience: 8 years
Current Assignment: Structured Learning Center teacher at NIS
Area of Expertise:  Special Education
Observers: Special Education- K-12



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